New Years Weight Loss

New years weight loss is on a lot of peoples minds as the year comes to a close you might be wondering what is it that you are going to do about the weight loss problem. I know that there are too many fads out there and you don’t know were to turn.

You see I was a U.S. Army foot soldier and I know what it takes to stay in shape. It really boils down to 2 main and very important things. The right amount of foods to eat and your exercise level. I will go into briefly and then

explain some great tips that you can use to have the best year ever. Ok for starters make sure you are drinking plenty of filtered water. I drink at least a gallon a day as this will speed up your metabolism and help burn fat. Not only

that but water will make you feel full longer. No you should also avoid huge meals around the holidays and fast food at all costs. I eat fast food and I only eat it once a month as I am not a big fan. Avoid any kind of sodas as sugar turns to fat. Try to keep your diet with 50 percent fruits and vegetables and 50 percent quality proteins. Remember your new years weight loss should be a lifestyle change for the better.

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As far as the exercise goes you should aim for 30 minutes to an hour a day of mild to moderate exercise. I remember back in the day my mother used to go walking at the mall for an hour a day and she lost a good amount of weight. You don’t have to be super strenuous. It is all about getting into a nice workout regimen.

When the new years hit people always say they will get a gym membership and that is the answer to all their problems. You don’t need to waste your money here. I tried the gym one timed and I hated it. I liked to hop on a bike or go on a nice jog down at the beach in the sand as this is a good one. the secret to

keeping the weight off is to avoid sugar and to have basic diet and exercise program. Also remember it is a good idea to eat your favorite food once a week. I don’t care if it is ice cream or pizza your human and it is important not to deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Good luck with your new years weight loss.

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