Natural Ways That Colon Cleanse Health Helps to Get Rid of Piles

Constipation or sluggish bowel movements are an inability to expel toxic waste products from the body leading to poor colon cleanse health. Many constipation sufferers also end up battling to try to get rid of piles due to the added straining required to pass a stool.

In nature, if an animal gets constipated or feels out of balance you will often see then curing themselves naturally by eating plants and grass. Luckily we have more resources at our disposal so eating grass is thankfully something we don’t have to do but the principle is the same…Up the fiber intake.

Residents of the western world are the biggest sufferers of poor colon cleanse health basically due to our lifestyles and diets. People in more under developed countries such as Africa, rarely need to get rid of piles or suffer from poor colon cleanse health. This is because they have totally different lifestyles and diets to us. They don’t need to sit for long periods of time behind the wheel of cars or at desks, they don’t pump iron at the gym lifting heavy weights and their diets are far more cereal based making their stools far softer and easier to pass.

In the western world we have diets that consist of dairy rich products and processed foods that are high in salt and low in fiber, we also drink coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol instead of more colon friendly fluids like water.

We can however mimic some of the dietary pluses in other under developed countries. Mangos are one of the best natural colon cleanses bar none. They never fail to relieve constipation when consumed by a sufferer. You can either eat a mango at night and in the morning or alternatively take it in the form of mango juice.

Another fruit that has natural laxative properties is the bael fruit, this was originally cultivated in India some four thousand years ago. You need to eat it every day for at least three months. A common fruit that often gets overlooked is the good old pear. Eat one at breakfast and one in the evening and this will promote healthy, regular bowel movements. It’s also readily available from most food outlets which makes it an easy natural laxative to take.

Lastly, guava is another fruit that has been hailed for it’s laxative properties. When eating guava it’s best to eat the seeds as well as the fleshy part of the fruit to get the maximum effect. This can also be made into a fruit juice for convenience if you wish but remember to add the seeds.

As many of us in the western world lead fast paced hectic lives, more of us are waking up to the importance of caring for our colon cleanse health by using ready made up, scientifically balanced, natural formulas. These are most effective when embarking on a program to get rid of piles and really should be viewed as an essential part of the cure.

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