Natural Treatments For Angular Cheilitis

If you want to know the natural treatments for angular cheilitis, you can try some strategies. This condition has a problem, which is that it is not easy to live with when daily activities, including eating, drinking, and speaking, are affected badly; and moreover, hardly can our mouths be bandaged up.


To heal angular cheilitis, you firstly need to examine what the possible underlying root causes are. There is always some sort of trigger, be it internal (such as a nutritional deficiency) or external (such as something directly affecting the skin). If the root cause is obvious, then sometimes just removing this can be enough.

Angular cheilitis forms due to a bacterial or fungal infection which has taken hold in the creases at the edges of the lips due to the pooling of excess moisture. Likely causes include badly fitting dentures which cause improper closing of the mouth. Folds in the skin can also be caused due to excessive weight fluctuations. In younger people, angular cheilitis is often caused by pen sucking or biting, fingernail chewing or thumb sucking.

Learning how to heal angular cheilitis naturally can be a simple as having badly fitting dentures corrected. Once fixed, they should be soaked in a mild disinfectant solution to prevent reinfection. In the case of people who are ardent finger suckers or pen biters, one easy trick is to paint the fingers or objects with anti-nail biting solution to discourage the practice.

To bring some relief, try coating the area with petroleum jelly or even an unperfumed lip balm. This protects the splits from the air and brings some immediate pain relief.

Permanent treatment needs to starve the bacteria and fungus of the moisture and air it needs to survive and by doing this, the condition can be cured with remarkable speed.


If you have had cracked lip corners or scabbing for more than a couple of days, it is likely that the condition has taken hold and then it becomes very difficult to eradicate. Fortunately it is still possible to completely cure this condition within just 24 hours by using a very robust natural remedy. If you would like to know how to heal angular cheilitis quickly by using everyday ingredients which you are likely to have at home, please visit Angular Cheilitis Treatment


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