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China’s equipment, the lack of competitiveness in the international market, people are more consistent view is the core technology, especially high-end due to lack of core technology. Thus, more authority, he gave the optimization and upgrading of equipment in China, all hopes Innovation Ability to improve on.

Reporters in Tianjin Equipment manufacturing Several industry leading business CEOs, where they heard a different interpretation. That only the Chinese equipment, the lack of competitiveness in the international market, attributed the lack of core technology is not objective. Such as poor reliability, failure rate, and short life expectancy of Chinese equipment, parasitic on the chronic, it is not due to simple lack of core technology. And the weakening of lean manufacturing is undoubtedly an important cause. Only to achieve lean manufacturing, the core technology to fully demonstrate their value and social value. To the current reality is that many adhere to lean manufacturing equipment manufacturing enterprises in China are facing the embarrassing situation.

Bow “auction boom” “Cheap no good goods”, either then straightforward, but truth. However, more Chinese equipment users, or constrained by the limited economic conditions, or rely on a buyer’s market superiority and called scientific “cost” is interpreted as a “quality and cheap” pseudo-proposition, so do not be a hero asked the source to the procurement price of choices, as the only principle. Thus, those who adhere to quality can suffer competitive equipment manufacturers.

Tianjin Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Lin Yi-Shan to have complained to reporters. “Moving mountains” brand called bulldozer in China famous brand, reputation for technology leadership, configuration optimization, well-known manufacturers. Sometimes poor performance due to price slightly higher than other similar products, the user can be turned away. Tianjin No. 1 Machine tool Plant manager Kim Yi are the same. They developed the “China Famous Brand” cone curve Gear CNC machine tools , And complete sets of equipment, its quality has reached international advanced level, are often due to “high-end with” cost-formed, where some users lost the advantage of price competition, lost to the lower price and quality of similar products.

The move mountains, Tianyi machine these long-established central or state-owned enterprises, in order to stick to high quality, adhere to quality competition, refused to participate when the vicious price competition, some equipment manufacturers, but for the protection of existing markets and strive to share a cup of soup, had to bow before the bow wave in the auction, bid to bid lower tidal waves.

Does not know that trading is no one dry. Pursuit of low cost, low with those who have become interested in a price war inevitable choice of equipment manufacturers shortcut. As a result, a number of brand name products will complete extrusion mechanism in the price effect of the cold. SEW Chinese president Zhang Shengli, once this big fat sigh. They produced similar products represent the highest level of the world’s SEW Reducer , Although it has become the national key projects, major projects supporting the first choice, and opening and closing ceremonies at the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo will take a leading role on the opening of his outstanding, but some ordinary items had to give way to other similar low grade products. The only reason for so little price a little higher. He only asked the price for some users, without regard to cost-effective approach is puzzling.

For price advantage, not not to, but can not. That in exchange for a low price advantage with practice, tantamount to quenching thirst with poison, and seriously affect China’s pace of upgrading equipment.

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