Cottage Break Law Can Not Be Trusted In The Pot 9 Qiangzai Star Upgrade


Pot “Upgrade Satellite Encryption broken?


That will break from time to time to upgrade preparedness

authoritative statement

Preparedness crack

Will be upgraded from time to time

It is understood that before, SARFT has already said that the software upgrade will be based on the effect of the implementation of adjustment from time to time to avoid being cracked. More in the industry, network communication method and crack the satellite signal can not be trusted, and the practice of buying cottage receiver itself undesirable. It is understood that in the next few days, the star will continue to upgrade 9, “cottage pot”


The living space will become smaller and smaller.

Can manually search for a way to cottage pot “resurrection”? Recently, the spread in the online decryption method to many because the purchase of the “cottage pot” receiver users joy. If these methods really effective, then they can continue to enjoy a free lunch, do not have to care about because “the Star 9” black screen problem caused by upgrading encryption, but the “cottage pot” of operators who are clearly not optimistic: “Unless the satellite is not encrypted, and we do nothing. “

Manual search can avoid crashes?

On January 4 this year, the China Star 9 Satellite upgrade encryption completed installation of satellite piracy devices “cottage pot” can only receive 12 sets of satellite television programs, “cottage pot” TV if it starts the upgrade process, upgrade Article did not change, then automatically enter the “Auto Search”, to 39% after the search will not be able to, state television showed a crash. On December 30 last year, this newspaper to “New Year’s Day will be a black screen television cottage pot” as the title was reported in a lot of people think “cottage pot” doomsday is coming, the Internet has begun circulating online version crack method.

“I have tried, you can use.” Some netizens said the solution is to enter the settings, return to factory state, the password 9999 or 0000. Then go to manual search, did not show a frequency into the frequency 2 search will have a program. One netizen said the key is to avoid the crash does not automatically search. To 39% when the search stops moving when the signal line can be pulled out, will be completed automatically search, this time the remote control can be used, but the receiver is no program state. Then re-connect signal lines to enter the menu, the four transponders can manually search. For the break method, some users say can not upgrade.


Providers have sought to change jobs

Encrypted satellite signal, resulting in “cottage pot” not a battlefield, many vendors said that if the signal can not decrypt, dealers are also planning to change. Yesterday morning, the Tempo in the market “cottage pot” sales booth, the distributor is a customer patiently answered questions. “You wait and, if able to decrypt, and programs on everything.” However, when asked for the customer can decrypt, dealers have no accurate answer. Dealers said that since late last year, encrypted satellite signal, the door to an endless stream of old customers.

A customer said he lived near the village head in the mattress, due to remote location can not install cable TV, can only buy “cottage pot.” Tau in the mattress, many people both at home strapped to a roof of mouth, “pot”, the villagers said that many households are outside of the housing households, compared to the cost of cable television, “cottage pot” more than 100 yuan The price can be described as affordable, “Sometimes the companies find a way, we can only wait and the.”

Tianbao markets, including many “cottage pot,” said dealer may be the encryption, the “cottage pot” really no longer receive many channels, “the only 12 channels can see.” Dealer said that manufacturers also encryption can not do anything unless it is not encrypted satellite signal. “And then wait for a while, if not enough, we switch to the.” Side of a dealer’s calculations, while to want to buy a “cottage pot” of customers to explain, to persuade customers not to buy the time being.

Gehua customer service staff, said the encrypted satellite signal for something she did not know, but it is certain that “cottage pot” is not legal, people should be declared a regular cable. However, the difficulties of some wiring problems, do not install cable TV in some areas yet.

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