Building Muscle the Natural Way

Building muscle has much more benefits besides getting women left and right with your admirable six-pack. It also is an indicator of good health, and unless someone wants a beat down, they’ll think twice before messing with you. Besides all of these benefits many beginners often make the mistake of imitating professional body builders, doing their routines does not guaranty that you will build muscle fast. Why? Most of these guys do not train naturally, and some of them are genetically gifted – that’s why.

An average Joe (or Janet) needs help in order to achieve his or her goal of making sure that he or she prevents physical and mental overtraining when building muscle, because doing too much too soon often leads to physical and mental stress.

Here is how to build muscle the natural way.

1) Become stronger – you need more strength in order to get more muscle. You can do this by getting into strength training. Experts recommend weight lifting and body weight exercises.

2) Stay away from machines, use free weights instead – Machines are known to cause injuries because they force you into a fixed and unnatural pattern, but free weights are known to replicate natural movement. Free weights are known to force you to control and balance weight when you are building muscle but machines balance the weight for you.

3) Compound exercises are great – These exercises hit several muscles at the same time which is good for beginners who want to build muscle fast.

4) Do train your legs – When you do squats you work your entire body, squats are perhaps the most important exercise because when you can squat 1.5 x your body weight, you will look totally different (squat with your hips coming lower than your knees).

5) Get some recovery – Professional bodybuilders workout about 5 to 6 times every week, but they didn’t just start that way. Because building muscle requires that you add workouts as you get stronger and bigger. Beginners need more recovery because they will over train if they jump into the routines of professional bodybuilders. Beginners require the following in order to really build their muscles in the fastest and most natural ways:

Rest well: Your muscles will grow when you rest, not when you are so busy working out. You can start with 3 full body workouts every week and please learn to focus on intensity and not the time spent at the gym.

Drink a lot of water: water keeps you hydrated and help muscle recovery. You can take two cups of water with every meal and make it a habit to sip water during your workout.

Get enough sleep: when building muscle you must understand that growth hormones are released when you sleep, so try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Eat well: the aim is to “eat like a horse. Sleep like a baby and grow like a weed”. Eat lots of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, fats and fruits. Eat breakfast, eat every three hours and do not eat processed foods.

Matthew Iannotti holds a B.Sc Nutrition Science and is a Nutritional Researcher and the author of Sport Supplement Secrets. To learn more about Sport Supplements or Fitness Tips

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